Not truly a Ferrari

The experience I acquired at this brewery cannot be overstated. Daimon Brewery is a small scale production facility in which it is relatively easy to get a sense of the whole sake production process from A to Z.
Also the diversity in the selection of interns adds a synergy in the learning process. Everyone has a different background, proffession and degree of brewing knowledge, but all have a common reason of why we are willing to take our time off to participate in this internship: it is our love for sake.

But don‘t be fooled by the small size of this brewery; it is not your usual Mom and Pop business.  Although the sake making process here is very much done in small scale avoiding convenient shortcuts, the quality control process on the other hand has gained the benefit of heavy investments in computers/electronic equimpments for measurement and control purpose such as temperature and humidity. What is nicknamed a ‘Ferrari‘ due to its cost is actually missleading. It is a wise investment that allows higher quality control and consistency in the final product.

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