Girl Watching

Since the weather has warmed up and is so nice this time of year we started taking our lunches outside. Several of the guys enjoyed watching the high school girls in uniforms parade past the brewery in what seemed like a continual, endless stream. One of the guys in particular enjoyed sitting on the street in front of the brewery and interacting with the students and passersby. The Japanese also seem to find him the most entertaining out of all of us. One day a pretty 15 year old rebel and her friend stopped by at chatted for a while. Her clothes were disheveled clearing reflecting her bad attitude. She jeered and trash talked her peers as they walked by. “That guy is a nerd. She is crazy. That boy stupid,” she said calling out their names. Her friend said that the rebel was a bad girl but she was the good one. The rebel said “I like mugi shochu, beer, and awamori.” The good girl said, “I like juice.” When they said good bye they called out, “Come back tomorrow. I love you, I love you.”

Two Japanese School Girls

Two Japanese School Girls
  1. #1 by chris on April 14th, 2009 - 4:24 pm

    “rebel girl” was too funny. i’m sure the school kids are going to miss the “baka gaijin” sitting on the driveway.

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