The Beginning

They say life is fast – so too is a great idea. In November 2008 Yasutaka Daimon – 6th generation brewery owner and toji of Daimon Shuzo – heeded the call of several westerners who over the years inquired about working at his kura. But why? But how? Reaching out to his various brethren in the sake world for advice and thoughts Daimon-san saw an opportunity to change the face of sake education forever. With the help of many including Beau Timken, John Gauntner and Mark Schumacher the idea of an internship was hatched, and on February 9th 2009 the Mukune International Sake Brewing Program took flight.

What you are about to read and comment upon is a revolutionary program for the betterment of sake. The MISBP is perhaps that greatest real-time experience for any one person to get as close to living the brewing life as possible. Six complete strangers from all over the world will arrive in Mukune Village in Osaka four sessions per year and will be transformed from their daily beings into “kurabito” – sake brewers. No book, video, or conversation could ever teach the lesson of sake better than actually making it.

Please enjoy the following Session by Session postings of this remarkable program, and take note that you are not alone out there. There are thousands of sake enthusiasts just like you, and herewith are the stories of a few lucky souls who are now living the Mukune International Sake Brewing Program’s motto – The Best Way To Learn Sake Is To Make Sake.

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