5 reasons why I like Rice

Raining RiceHoreiki - cooling the riceThe Koji Room

In no particular sequence!

First : I love them with my meals.  Its a staple food!!  Sushi, Mochi, Ochazuke/Ojiya, ……

Second : A chance of a lifetime. Now u can play with rice. (While Making Koji – warning for new comers, wear alot less.  Bikini top will be good – ITS HOT IN THERE!!)

Third : While working on cooling the rice through a houreiki  (the stage before its poured into the tank for moromi making) be surprised by how smooth your hands can be after that.  Another effective way is to bathe yourself in them – Junmaishu!

Fourth : Raining Rice. Have you ever heard the sound of rice?  Listen to it! (Moromi Making stage where rice is mixed with moto and water)

Fifth : Many varieties, many surprises! SAKE!!  YUM!!

p/s  Speaking for myself, I wish I am more familiar with the Japanese terms and more, before attending this internship.  So to the newbies, do read up before you attend this session.  You don’ t want to miss the moment.

  1. #1 by PatriciaYarrow on March 14th, 2009 - 6:45 am

    Thanks for the heads up!

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